Congratulations to the two winners of Ruth Arnon Postdoctoral Fellowships for 2023-2024 – Dr. Gali Noti and Dr. Aseel Shomar

Gali is going for her postdoctoral training in computer science to Prof. Yiling Chen at Harvard.

Aseel is going for her postdoc in computational biology to Prof, Stanislas Liebler at Princeton.

In 2016, Prof. Ruth Arnon, former Israel Academy President and Chair of the CHE’s Committee for Furthering Women in Institutions for Higher Education, resolved to encourage and support Adams alumnae seeking to travel abroad for postdoctoral training by establishing a dedicated fund to assist them. Awardees, selected solely on the basis of excellence in research, receive fellowships of $20,000 USD. The Adams Fellowships Committee chooses the winners based solely on research excellence.