Avia Raviv Moshe 2016-2017

Institution of PhD:
Tel-Aviv University
Academic Discipline of PhD:
PhD Advisor/s:
Prof. Yaron Oz
Dissertation Topic:
Lifshitz Quantum Field Theories, Gravity and Hydrodynamics
Institution of Postdoc:
Stony Brook University
Present Academic Position:

Avia Raviv-Moshe was born in Lod and moved at a young age to Rosh-Ha’ayin. Drawn to physics as a child, she attended The Aleh High School of Exact Sciences in Lod, majoring in physics, chemistry and math. After a voluntary stint in the civil service, tutoring at-risk children from dysfunctional families, she began studying physics at Tel-Aviv University.

Upon finishing her BSc in physics magna cum laude, Avia went on to earn an MSc in theoretical high energy physics, graduating summa cum laude. Her thesis, produced under the supervision of Prof. Yaron Oz, focused on the subject of non-relativistic, supersymmetric models. It was published in the International Journal of High Energy Physics.

Currently a PhD student at Tel-Aviv University in the field of theoretical high energy particle physics, Avia studies non-relativistic quantum field theories and the applications of Lifshitz scaling to gravity, to quantum field theories in the hydrodynamic regime and to supersymmetry. This field addresses long-standing questions in hydrodynamics and condensed matter physics, such as the study of turbulence, high temperature superconductivity, and quantum critical points. Her work ranges from dealing with abstract gravitational concepts through analytic calculations both in gravity and quantum field theory, to numerical programming. Seeking a new way to relate particle physics to condensed matter physics, Avia’s work may reveal new properties of the laws of nature.