Eliran Subag 2014-2015

Institution of PhD:
Weizmann Institute of Science
Academic Discipline of PhD:
PhD Advisor/s:
Prof. Ofer Zeitouni
Dissertation Topic:
Extreme Values and Extremal Processes of Gaussian Fields
Year Awarded PhD:
Institution of Postdoc:
Courant Institute (NYU)
Present Institution:
Weizmann Institute of Science
Present Academic Position:
Senior Lecturer

Eliran Subag was born in Kiryat Motzkin and raised in Kiryat Haim. After completing his army service, he began his studies at the Technion, where he obtained his BSc and MSc in electrical engineering, both summa cum laude. Early in his studies he was drawn to the mathematical side of electrical engineering, and he studied mathematics alongside his regular coursework.

Eliran’s curiosity in the field of probability led him to approach Prof. Robert Adler and undertake an undergraduate research project with him. He continued to work with Prof. Adler as his advisor for his Master’s degree on the topic of smooth Gaussian fields. Gaussian fields are a model of random functions whose probability law possesses a certain property that is both very natural and useful for computations. In recent decades this field has yielded numerous applications in physics, computer science, and medical imaging.

Eager to continue his work in the field of probability, Eliran joined the Mathematics Department at the Weizmann Institute of Science, where he is currently working toward his PhD with Prof. Ofer Zeitouni. His current research deals with the study of the asymptotics of extreme values and with the extremal processes of discrete Gaussian fields that appear in mechanical statistics and spin glass theory as the size of the system grows.