Eyal Weiss 2021-2022

Institution of PhD:
Bar-Ilan University
Academic Discipline of PhD:
Computer Science
PhD Advisor/s:
Prof. Gal A. Kaminka
Dissertation Topic:
Automated Planning with Runtime-Dependent Estimators
Present Institution:
Bar-Ilan University
Present Academic Position:
PhD student

Eyal was born in 1988 and grew up in Tel Aviv, where he currently lives with his beloved wife, Yael, and his lovely dog, Berta. He carried out five years of military service, one year as a cadet in the Israeli Air Force Flight Academy and four years in a special-forces unit. With a passion for knowledge and a joy of learning, he completed his BSc, summa cum laude, in electrical and electronics engineering at Tel Aviv University in 2016. During his undergraduate studies, he received several awards, including Dean’s Honors, every year of the BSc studies.


Eyal continued at a direct track to pursue his MSc under the supervision of Prof. Michael Margaliot, where he focused on discrete optimization problems in the field of control theory, relating to Boolean Networks, a particular form of nonlinear dynamical systems. During this period, he fell in love with the idea of algorithmically controlling complex physical systems, which led him to seek an appropriate scientific framework. He eventually found one at the intersection of artificial intelligence and robotics.


Eyal is currently pursuing his PhD in computer science at Bar-Ilan University under the supervision of Prof. Gal A. Kaminka. His research is in a fascinating field called automated planning, which studies algorithmic frameworks for generating (model-based) action plans for agents. He is working on extending the scope of current methods to support richer (i.e., more informed) action plans. Eyal believes that these capabilities are an absolute necessity for highly autonomous agents and will play a major role in the evolving field of robotics.