Liran Rotem 2013-2014

Institution of PhD:
Tel Aviv University
Academic Discipline of PhD:
PhD Advisor/s:
Prof. Vitali Milman
Dissertation Topic:
Extensions of Convex Geometry and Geometric Iinequalities to an Analytic Setting
Institution of Postdoc:
University of Minnesota
Present Institution:
University of Minnesota
Present Academic Position:
Postdoctoral Fellow

Liran was Born in Holon, and moved to Rishon LeZion at a young age. While in high school, he studied toward a bachelor degree in mathematics at Bar-Ilan University, and graduated summa cum laude. During Liran’s military service, he started his MSc studies at Tel-Aviv University.  After his discharge he graduated summa cum laude, writing his thesis under the supervision of Prof. Vitali Milman. Today he continues his work with Prof. Milman toward a PhD.

Liran’s mathematical work is related to the relatively new field of Asymptotic Geometric Analysis, which lies in the intersection of geometry, analysis and probability. Asymptotic Geometric Analysis is concerned with geometric properties of finite dimensional objects, and especially with the asymptotics of their various quantitative parameters as the dimension tends to infinity. The results and methods developed in this study became of great importance outside the realm of pure mathematics, to any field that try to analyze very “high dimensional” systems, i.e. systems with a large number of parameters.

Specifically, Liran is mostly interested in obtaining functional extensions of various notions and theorems from convexity and geometric analysis. Such extensions may bring intuition and results from geometry into the realm of analysis and probability, and vice versa, thus creating new bridges between these fields. Liran has already published several research papers, and talked about his work in several international conferences.

Liran’s work has been published in a verity of scientific journals incluading Lecture Notes in Mathematics, Journal of Functional Analysis and Journal of Functional Analysis. 

Liran will begin his postdoctoral research at the University of Minnesota September 2016.

In addition to his research, Liran is also passionate about his work as a teaching assistant, and has won several awards for his excellence in this field.