Ofer Neufeld 2017-2018

Institution of PhD:
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Academic Discipline of PhD:
PhD Advisor/s:
Prof. Oren Cohen
Dissertation Topic:
Generation of High Harmonics with Fully Tunable Polarization
Institution of Postdoc:
Max Planck Institute, Germany
Present Academic Position:

Raised in Haifa, Ofer has always been fascinated with the physical sciences. Following the completion of his army service as a tank commander, his passion for science led him to a dual-degree undergraduate program in physics and material science at the Technion. His interest in research and theory began with a project during his BSc studies, of modeling processes that occur in organic photovoltaics used for renewable energy.

After graduating summa cum laude for both degrees, he enrolled in the Grand Technion Energy Program for MSc studies under the supervision of Prof. Maytal Toroker. His thesis explored theoretical methods for improving photoelectrochemical cells for the production of hydrogen fuel from solar energy, and it yielded several publications in leading journals.

Upon completing his MSc summa cum laude, Ofer moved to the Technion’s Physics Department, where he is currently working toward his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Oren Cohen in the Extreme Nonlinear Optics Group. His research explores the fundamental processes that occur when intense laser fields interact with matter. Specifically, Ofer’s research attempts to understand how symmetries of laser fields and matter affect the nonlinear process of high harmonic generation, and how they can be used to control the spectral properties of EUV and X-ray radiation.

While carrying out his research, Ofer is also serving as a teaching assistant for undergraduate courses in the Technion’s Math and Physics Departments. He hopes to continue working on challenging and interesting physics.