Omer Granek 2022-2023

Institution of PhD:
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
Academic Discipline of PhD:
PhD Advisor/s:
Prof. Yariv Kafri
Dissertation Topic:
Bodies in an Active Fluid

Omer, born in 1995, lives in Haifa. He graduated from the Technion with a BSc in Mathematics-Physics through the Technion Excellence Program. During his undergraduate studies, he participated in various research projects, ranging from control theory for engineering, optical analysis for medicine, and fluid mechanics for marine biology, and he began a research project in active matter with Prof. Yariv Kafri in the Technion’s Department of Physics. Active matter is an interdisciplinary field that brings together the study of the collective motion of individuals and animals and the study of novel materials capable of rich phenomena, such as self-assembly.

After graduating from the Technion, Omer continued working under the supervision of Prof. Kafri as a direct-track PhD candidate in the Department of Physics. His research focuses on the dynamics of passive objects immersed in fluids of active particles. In their initial works, Omer and his collaborators studied the ratchet-like motion induced by such objects. They revealed how it leads to long-range interactions between the objects, violating Newton’s third law. In their most recent study, Omer and his collaborators showed that the same ratchet-like motion leads to anomalous transport effects that have hitherto largely been overlooked in active matter. By studying simple models, Omer hopes to gain insight into general physical principles in far-from-equilibrium systems.