Adar Adamsky 2018-2019

Institution of PhD:
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Academic Discipline of PhD:
PhD Advisor/s:
Dr. Inbal Goshen
Dissertation Topic:
Dynamic Changes in Long-term Memory Network Organization Underlie Systems Consolidation
Present Institution:
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Present Academic Position:
PhD Student

From a young age, Adar has been fascinated by the mysteries of the human brain. This, together with her passion for knowledge and research, led her to study psychology and cognitive science at the Hebrew University. Throughout her undergraduate studies, Adar worked on research projects in various subfields in neuroscience, seeking to deepen her scientific knowledge and acquire new experimental skills. Upon completing her BSc summa cum laude, she continued her studies at the Hebrew University in the direct PhD program for computational neuroscience.

Today, under the supervision of Dr. Inbal Goshen, Adar is examining the processes in the brain that are involved in the transition from recent to remote memory, in the hope of advancing our understanding in this area and paving the way for developing new treatments for memory impairments. Her recent work demonstrating the effects of astrocytic activation on memory, carried out in collaboration with other lab members, has been accepted for publication in the high-impact journal Cell. Alongside her research, Adar places great emphasis on educational work. She has served as a teaching assistant in neuroscience courses and volunteered in a variety of educational projects for children and youth. Adar is presently serving as a teaching assistant in a course on neurodegenerative diseases and instructing a neuroscience seminar for high-school biology students.