Tuvia Gefen 2017-2018

Institution of PhD:
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Academic Discipline of PhD:
PhD Advisor/s:
Prof. Alex Retzker
Dissertation Topic:
Quantum Metrology and Computing with NV Centers and Trapped Ions
Present Institution:
The California Institute of Technology
Present Academic Position:
postdoctoral scholar at Caltech

Born and raised in Rehovot, Tuvia was drawn to philosophy and physics from a young age. During his army service he started taking courses in mathematics at the Open University of Israel. Later on he completed his BSc in mathematics and physics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the interdisciplinary Amirim honors program. The surprising and deep consequences of quantum physics, as well as its mathematical elegance, convinced him to go deeper into physics and continue for an MSc. He then joined Alex Retzker’s group, where he was exposed to the relatively young field of quantum information and technologies. The fundamental challenges in creating this new kind of technology fascinated him.

 During his MSc studies, Tuvia investigated the theoretical possibility of improving precision measurements by incorporating quantum error correction. That project led to the publication of two different protocols and stimulated his interest in quantum sensing.

 Tuvia is currently a PhD student in Retzker’s group. His research is focused, for now, on several topics in quantum sensing, in particular the theory of spectroscopy with quantum sensors. Finding optimal protocols for this problem may considerably increase the efficiency of imaging methods, with large impacts on chemistry, biology and medicine. In a broader context, he is interested in general bounds in quantum metrology and their relevance to different applications. Working closely with experimentalists, he hopes to find novel schemes applicable within state-of-the-art technology.