ברכות לעופר נויפלד על היבחרו למחזור הרביעי של מלגאי שמידט, קבוצה של 28 מדענים צעירים המבקשים לנצל את המדע הבין-תחומי כדי לשנות את העולם לטובה

Ofer Neufeld, Technion Israel Institute of Technology

Ofer has been developing theoretical approaches to understand the role of symmetry in strong field physics and high harmonic generation in order to explore how this could be harnessed to control the properties of matter, of extremely fast light-matter interactions, and to develop novel spectroscopy techniques in atomic and molecular systems. As a Fellow, he plans to further our understanding of light-matter interactions to understand the behavior of quantum materials and inform new light-based materials.