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Topological Photonics – Finding and Describing Topological Phases in Classical and Quantum Optical Systems

Born and raised in Haifa, Eran Lustig was always attracted to science. However, only during his five-year army service, after reading dozens of popular-science books and scientific textbooks, did he decide to make science his career.  Immediately after finishing his service, he enrolled in the program for outstanding students at the Technion, combining a BSc in physics and electrical engineering with an MSc in physics, which turned into a direct PhD in physics under the supervision of Prof. Mordechai Segev.

In his PhD studies, Eran is exploring the relations between light and the mathematical field of topology. During his past two and a half years of graduate studies, Eran has led the efforts to demonstrate in theory and by experiment a phenomenon known as a photonic topological insulator in synthetic dimensions, which is of great interest to many leading research groups around the world. Eran demonstrated by experiment that light can propagate through the bulk of a material in a special state that makes it immune to backscattering due to defects or disorder in the material. During this period, Eran has also presented 9 refereed papers at international conferences, 6 of them as the first author. He has published a paper and has 3 papers under review at prestigious journals, all of them as first author.

Eran teaches undergraduate courses in different areas of physics, including laser physics, waves, and Physics 1, where he also serves as the lead teaching assistant.