ערן שגיא 2015-2016

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Strongly Interacting Topological Phases
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Eran Sagi was born in Be'er Sheva but moved at a young age to Tzur Yigal. As he grew up, he became fascinated with physics, which led him to Tel-Aviv University for a BSc in physics.

During his undergraduate years he participated in an academic research project with Prof. Ehud Nakar from the Department of Astrophysics. It rapidly generated interesting results, which were later published in the Astrophysical Journal. At the same time, Eran started working with Prof. Eli Eisenberg, who introduced him to the exciting world of condensed matter physics. After graduating summa cum laude, Eran’s work with Prof. Eisenberg, focused on a unique phase transition that may occur in quasicrystals, evolved into his MSc thesis.

After completing his MSc summa cum laude, Eran moved to the Department of Condensed Matter Physics at the Weizmann Institute, where he is currently working toward his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Yuval Oreg. Together they study remarkable electronic phases of matter called topological phases.  Specifically, they investigate materials in which interactions between the electrons lead to a qualitatively new behavior that provides a route to fault-tolerant quantum computing. The theoretical analysis and experimental implementation of such strongly interacting topological phases are notoriously difficult.

Eran’s main goal is to find ways of constructing these phases from simpler components, such as quantum wires and superconductors, in the hope that this approach will eventually translate into experimental implementation of these phases.