גיל בשן 2020-2021

מוסד לימודים לדוקטורט:
Bar-Ilan University
תחום אקדמי:
Electrical Engineering
מנחה/מנחים בדוקטורט:
Prof. Avi Zadok, Faculty of Engineering, Bar-Ilan University
נושא הדוקטורט:
Opto-Mechanical Sensing Outside Standard Optical Fibers
מוסד נוכחי:
Bar-Ilan University
משרה אקדמית נוכחית:
PhD student

Gil Bashan was born in 1987 and grew up in Givatayim, Israel. He lives with his wife, Yaara, and their four children in Petah Tikva. He studied Torah in the Birkat Moshe Yeshiva and in Beit Midrash Givat Shmuel. During his period of Torah study, in the Hesder Yeshiva track, Gil also did military service in the Infantry. He completed his BSc, summa com laude, in the dual Physics and Electrical Engineering program at Bar-Ilan University in 2016. During his undergraduate studies, Gil received the Dean’s Award in three different years, and his senior-year final engineering project was chosen as the best project in the electro-optics track.

Gil continues his studies at Bar-Ilan University in the direct MSc-PhD program in Electrical Engineering. His research interests are in the fields of nonlinear optics and opto-mechanics. He obtained his MSc, cum laude, in 2018, and in the same year he received Bar-Ilan University’s Rector’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies. He enjoys the basic and fundamental physics of research problems, as well as the challenge of bringing first-principle physical phenomena to applicative platforma. For example, during his PhD research he developed a new paradigm for distributed sensing of media outside the boundaries of optical fibers, where light cannot reach.