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Biomacromolecules in Complex Solvents
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הטכניון - מכון טכנולוגי לישראל
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אוניברסיטת דיוק
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עמוד הבית

Liel Sapir is a chemist and PhD student at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His thesis ”Biomacromolecules in Complex Solvents” is being written under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Harries.

Liel's research focuses on two main topics. His main topic involves osmolyte-induced protein stabilization. This research is conducted by performing extensive replica-exchange molecular dynamics simulations of a model peptide in water and Osmolyte solitions. The second is the study of ionic liquids, which are salts that are liquid at room temperature; specifically studying a sub-family of ionic liquids termed deep eutectic solvents. These are mixtures of two of more compounds that possess a drastically reduced melting temperature than any of the pure components.  This is researched by using molecular dynamics simulations to understand what causes the dramatic decrease in melting temperature as well as by performing small-angle neutron scattering measurements to explore DNA solvation in DES.

Liel is also studying the solvation properties of biomacromplecules in complex solutions by using Monte Carlo (MC) and replica exchange (REMD) simulations to follow the molecular effect of osmolytes on peptide and protein folding. He is also interested in the way ionic liquids serve to solvate DNA, using both molecular dynamics simulations and SANS experiments.

In addition to winning the Adams Fellowship, Liel received the Lifshitz Award for PhD students from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.