נעם גרוס 2008-2009

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Experimental Study of Universal Three-Body Physics with Ultracold Bosonic Lithium
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KiloLambda Technologies, Ltd.
עמוד הבית

Noam Gross is a physicist working as Director of Physics at KiloLambda Technologies Ltd.

He received his PhD from Bar-Ilan University in 2011. His thesis “Experimental Study of Universal Three-Body Physics with Ultracold Bosonic Lithium” was written under the supervision of Prof. Lev Khaykovich.

Noam's PhD research concentrated on the trapping and cooling of neutral atoms with laser light. These cold atoms are excellent candidates for testing quantum mechanical theories and nonlinear dynamics. Noam has recently constructed a far-off resonance optical trap for neutral atoms by using a high power ytterbium fiber laser which played a crucial role in the most successful achievement of a Bose-Einstein condensation in a dilute atomic gas of lithium atoms. His findings were published in Physical Review A.

Noam’s work utilized many experimental tools, such as high power lasers, geometrical and physical optics, strong magnetic fields, electronic circuits and ultra-high vacuum. His PhD was awarded the Bar-Ilan Rector's Award and Noam received the Wolf Foundation Award for PhD students.

Noam has been published in a variety of scientific publications such as Physical Review Letters, Comptes Rendus Physique and Optics Communications.