נעם ליפשיץ 2020-2021

מוסד לימודים לדוקטורט:
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
תחום אקדמי:
מנחה/מנחים בדוקטורט:
Prof. Gil Kalai
נושא הדוקטורט:
Analytic Methods in Probability and Combinatorics
מוסד נוכחי:
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
משרה אקדמית נוכחית:
Senior Lecturer

Noam Lifshitz completed his undergraduate studies at Bar-Ilan University at the age of 19. After that he was recruited into the army, but he still managed to complete his MSc two years later, by dedicating most of his weekends to research.

Noam’s MSc research at Bar-Ilan University, under the supervision of Prof. Nathan Keller, concentrated on two main fields: extremal combinatorics, known to contain a variety of beautiful open problems; and analysis of Boolean functions, which offer a variety of potentially powerful tools. Together with his co-authors, he used the tools present in the analysis of Boolean functions to make substantial progress in the field of extremal combinatorics.

Noam is now studying for his PhD at the Hebrew University under the supervision of Prof. Gil Kalai. He continues to find new applications for his “junta method” and is trying to master, enrich, and improve the available tools in the field of analysis of Boolean functions.