עופר שייביץ 2006-2007

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Universal Communications with Feedback
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Ofer Shayevitz is a senior lecturer (assistant professor) at the Department of Electrical Engineering at the Tel Aviv University, a position he has held since 2013. His main research interests are in the areas of information theory, communication, distributed computation, as well as statistical signal processing. His specific interests include interactive communication in noisy channels, distributed data compression and computation, relations between information theory and dynamical systems, graph theory, and stochastic control as well as applications of information theory to problems in prediction and machine learning and statistical signal processing.

Ofer received his PhD from Tel Aviv University in 2009. His thesis “Universal Communications with Feedback” was researched under the supervision of Prof. Meir Feder. The findings from the PhD were published in a paper in the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Transactions of Information Theory. The paper won the Weinstein Prize for a student publication in the fields of information theory, communications and signal processing.

His outstanding PhD work came second place in the Feder Family Award for Best PhD Student Research Thesis, awarded by the Advanced Communication Center (ACC).

After completing his PhD, Ofer continued his studies and spent three years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Information Theory Applications Center (ITA) at the University of California.

In addition to his academic research, Ofer has worked in the private sector as a quantitative analyst with the D.E. Shaw Group in New York. He has also held several positions in the Israeli hi-tech industry in communications and signal processing.

Ofer has been widely published in a variety of journals and is the recipient of the Marie Curie Career Integration Grant. He was also awarded the Controlling Uncertainty: On the Sequential Refinement of Belief, NSF CSIE Award 2010 – 2013 (PI: T. Javidi, UCSD).