עומרי אזנקוט 2015-2016

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Assistant Prof. Mirela Ben-Chen
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Operator Representations in Geometry Processing
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עמוד הבית

Omri Azencot hails from Kiryat Haim. After finishing his military service, he began studying for his BSc  at the Technion's Computer Science Department. Shortly thereafter, he became attracted to the beauty of mathematics; this led to his joining the Technion's dual degree program, which enabled him to add more math to his curriculum. Upon completion of his studies, Omri received BSc degrees from both the Mathematics and the Computer Science Departments.

His first encounter with geometric algorithms came during the last year of his BSc studies, when he participated in a research project related to Voronoi diagrams, supervised by Dr. Daniel Reem. Inspired by this project, Omri decided to pursue a graduate degree and is currently in a direct PhD track at the Technion, advised by Assistant Prof. Mirela Ben-Chen. Omri is exploring how mappings between vector spaces (i.e., operators) can be used to create simple yet efficient geometric processing tools.  He has collaborated with several researchers from leading institutes in the USA and Europe and has published a number of research papers in prestigious journals.

A teaching assistant in his department, Omri teaches undergraduate courses such as Operating Systems as well as advanced courses related to computer graphics and geometry processing.