רונית בוסטין 2010-2011

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The Information-Estimation Approach for Multi-Terminal Problems in the Gaussian Regime
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Ronit Bustin is an electrical engineer and postdoctoral research fellow in Princeton University. She received the Rothschild Fellowship in 2013 and the women postdoctoral scholarship of Israel's Council for Higher Education (VATAT) for her postdoctoral studies.

Ronit received a BSc degree in electrical engineering and computer science and a MSc degree in electrical engineering in 2004 and 2006, respectively, from Tel-Aviv University, Israel. She received a PhD in electrical engineering from the Technion – The Israel Institute of Technology.

Her research interests include multi-user information theory, secrecy constraints, Gaussian MIMO channels, estimation theory and channel coding.

Ronit received the Irwin and Joan Jacobs scholarship for excellence in graduate studies and research, in January 2010. She is a recipient of the Adams fellowship from the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, April 2010, and an Andrew and Erna Finci Viterbi graduate fellow in the faculty of electrical engineering at the Technion for the fall semester 2010-2011.