The Academy’s Steering and Approval Committee is appointed by the President of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.  It is chaired by an Academy Member and is comprised of prominent researchers of various academic disciplines relevant to the fellowships, from several institutions. The Committee maintains the highest standards. There is no allocation by institution, and decisions are based solely on excellence in science.

Professor Moshe Oren of the Weizmann Institute serves as the current Chairman of the Committee.

Former Committee Members

Professor Moti Segev, Immediate Past Chairman

Professor Amiram Grinvald, Past Chairman

Professor Itamar Willner, Past Chairman

Professor Chaim Cedar, Past Chairman

Professor Yoram Groner, Past Chairman

Professor Yakir Aharonov

Professor Noga Alon

Professor Moshe Moshe

Professor Moty Heiblum

Professor David Kahzdan

Professor Gil Kalai

Professor Abraham Nitzan

Professor Yosef Shiloh

Professor Yigal Talmi

Professor Jacob Ziv